Sansevieria Black Coral

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Sansevieria, aka mother-in-law’s tongue or snakeplant – a plant with interesting names, recognizable fleshy leaves – is also known as a guardian of health, because it is an excellent air purifier. It requires very little of your time.

During the summer months, where it is enough to water it two to three times a month, and during the colder part of the year, watering is almost not necessary. Keep in mind that too much water can kill this beautiful plant or cause the roots to rot.

↕ Height (with bowl) 60 cm

∅ Size of Bowl 17 cm

Frequently asked questions

How to treat small olive trees (S, M)?

Treat them like all other indoor plants. Place the plant in a place with as much light as possible, away from a direct heat source. Protect it from cold weather and frost because it is a distinctly Mediterranean plant and does not tolerate low temperatures.
Water scarcely throughout the year. During the summer, it is advisable to take it outside, out in the open air.

Transplanting small olives (S, M)?

It is best to transplant them every two years, during February.

Pruning small olives (S, M)?

Cutting olive branches is most often done during March, when the olive tree grows and produces new leaves.

Delivery of small olives (S, M)?

Small olive trees are delivered in special eco-cardboard packaging - an ideal gift for your special occasions and your loved ones. The boxes are designed to provide the plant with enough air and light during transport.